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You'll win Christmas with these ideas for your dad, brother, boyfriend or husband (or any other guy in your life). Finding the perfect gift for the men in your life can be complicated. While there are a few standbys that you can always count on (a trusty pair of socks, for example), you should feel excited about whatever you're giving — and more importantly, you want him to be just as happy. No matter what you're celebrating — his birthday, your anniversary, Christmas or another special occasion —

Here at Metaphor Organic, we’ve been using organic soap for so long it seems like a no-brainer. We rarely think about all the reasons we got into the soapmaking game or why we set out to make the best soap we could. That’s not to say that we never thought about it. We just made our decision long ago, and have been going with it ever since. However, if you haven’t thought a lot about what goes into your personal skin care products, the following article should

Wrapped with love There are a lot of answers to the question “What is Christmas?” but our favorite is this: Christmas is a time of giving. That doesn’t just mean poring over gift ideas, of course—there’s also giving of spirit, kindness, and warmth—but no one can deny that seeing all those DIY Christmas gifts under a tree beautifully trimmed with DIY Christmas decorations is a thrill we just don’t get at other times of the year. And that’s why Christmas is also a time to break out your best gift wrapping ideas. Whether you’re

Wishing candles Natural wax, scented handmade candles topped with natural scented oils. The amount of scented oils and natural wax in the candles allows the candles to smell for a very long time not only when ignited, but also when standing indoors. The candles are cast from a special wax and at the right temperature, giving the surface of the candle an exceptional "frost" structure. Light up the coziness of your home!