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Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas Anyone Can Pull Off publication.

Wrapped with love

There are a lot of answers to the question “What is Christmas?” but our favorite is this: Christmas is a time of giving. That doesn’t just mean poring over gift ideas, of course—there’s also giving of spirit, kindness, and warmth—but no one can deny that seeing all those DIY Christmas gifts under a tree beautifully trimmed with DIY Christmas decorations is a thrill we just don’t get at other times of the year. And that’s why Christmas is also a time to break out your best gift wrapping ideas.

Whether you’re the type to wrap things weeks in advance or you’re more of a last-minute shopper, you’re no doubt focused on two things: finding the perfect gifts and wrapping them with care. Once you’ve bought those gifts for hergifts for him, and gifts for kids, it’s time to gussy them up for the season. There are a ton of gorgeous options for Christmas gift wrapping paper, but after you’ve gone to all the trouble of decorating your home, why not decorate your gifts, too?

These incredible gift wrapping ideas will help your presents stand out under the tree. There are lots of options for recycling things you have lying around the house, as well as simple decorations that make a thoughtful gift that much more special. After all, the true value of a gift is the thought and time you put into it.

Cinnamon stick gift wrapping idea

The only thing better than a gift that looks good is a gift that smells good, too. Tie together a couple of fragrant cinnamon sticks and your brown paper package will become a piece of decor. That way, even if you’re rocking around one of the best artificial Christmas trees this year, your home will still smell amazing.

Paper poinsettias

One of the only flowers to bloom in the winter is the gorgeous poinsettia, and by using paper, you can make them any color you like. This tutorial from Paula at Frog Prince Paperie makes gorgeous poinsettia gift toppers to brighten up all your presents. That’s just one reason crafting is one of the best Christmas activities.

Book baubles

This is the perfect upcycling idea for that novel you’ve dropped in the bath one too many times. Cut out different-sized circles from some particularly compelling pages and glue them to plain wrapping paper. Adding a sweet string bow will elevate what’s under your tree to the level of the best Christmas decoration ideas.


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